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Reaching the Unreached in the Urban Setting

Explosive urbanization and global migration are giving the church an incredible opportunity to share the Good News with the nations in a profound way. This website is designed to assist you by providing resources, networking, and training opportunities to be His Heart, His Hands and His voice to all people groups globally — and to the nations who are literally living next door.

etheneCITY Community

November 15,2014

Jesus Was a Refugee

October 31,2014

Megacity Missionaries: Undermanned and Overwhelmed View All News


Understanding People Groups

Why a focus on people groups? Who are people groups? How can God use me to share the love of Jesus?

Loving the City

Striving to understand how God is at work and how we can better make disciples in the urban context.

Practical Resources

You have discovered the "nations" are next door, so how do you share the Gospel and disciple them?

Best Practices

Practitioners from all around the world assist in knowing and sharing with the nations next door.

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Welcoming the Stranger (Part II): Developing a Church Based Immigrant Ministry
November 19

 Lessons Learned from a Practitioner in the Bhutanese Nepali World
December 9






Connect with others who are engaging similar people groups and gain access to resources and tools.

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Interested in reaching a people group?

Embrace unengaged, unreached people groups through praying, reaching and partnering with others in church planting movements. North AmericaGlobally

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